The Spooky

“Quite frankly, it takes some serious testicular fortitude (balls) to do the horror punk thing…hell even the greatest punks who dabbled in it couldn’t quite stick it out or stick with it long enough to survive the critics, the punk purist backlash and all the crap heaved the band’s way. TSOL did it with Dance With Me, Social Distortion did it with Mommy’s Little Monster, Mad Parade did it, Tales of Terror did it and of course, 45 Grave, Christian Death, and the Misfits became the legends of it. The bitter pill of course, all these bands recorded their best stuff to date while having horror punk entangle their sound.

So what became of the white faces and blackened eyes? In 1997, Duane Peters (US Bombs) brought Orange County’s the Spooky, to the forefront with the band’s debut release, the epic 4 song single, Ribcage. The horror starved OC punk scene ate the single up and one of OC’s greatest vocalists, Mike Monster, made his mark, dagger and all. Single handedly the Spooky has carried the OC horror scene on it’s back, never looking back, nor attempting to shift their focus to greener pastures.

The tell-tale of the Spooky’s heart reads as follows; we ain’t in this for money, popularity or praise, this ain’t no show, this ain’t no act. Leaving you with this to ponder, ever wonder why there is 50 million we wanna be like the US Bombs-Stitches-Dropkicks-Descendents bands and only one Spooky? The answer my friends is very simple, safety in numbers.” – Hostage