The Last Gang

The Last Gang is a punk rock/rocksteady quartet that burst on the scene in 2004 with the velocity and destruction of a sawed off shotgun blast. Straight out of Southern Cali, their sound has a hint of pop appeal while still maintaining its gritty punk rock roots & rocksteady groove. Lead by the sexy growl of Brenna Red’s vocals, The Last Gang will have you dancing one minute & swinging with the kid beside you, hands on each other’s throat, the next. Brenna’s powerhouse vocals can only be matched by her uncanny ability to write melodies that can only be described as money. When she sings, the kids listen. Accompanying Brenna on rythm guitar is Adam and on lead guitar is Devin D, who’s raw guitar licks add a third dimension to the sound. On the bass guitar is Adolf, who was born to melt faces. Though his main love is the guitar, Adolf holds nothing back when it comes to writing & playing dirty rock & roll bass riffs. Backed by the dynamic drum beats of Robby, The Last Gang’s unique styles all come together to create some of the most relevant music of our time. The Last Gang is the best band that Orange County & L.A. has had to offer in the past 10 years.