The long running project of Rat (Patrick Poole), Statement has been steadily releasing material since 1985.  With it’s roots in Anarcho-punk and a heavy stance on enviromentalism and animal liberation, Statement has released material ranging from experimental post-punk to crossover thrash and now with their latest releases venturing into a heavier d-beat crust sound.  Hailing from just outside of London in the UK, Statement was conceived in the burgeoning scene of the mid 80s.  Rat, playing in several london based punk bands including one with members of Scum-era <strong>Napalm Death</strong>, sought to vent his own frustration with humanity and the misanthropic project Statement was born.  In the 90s, Statement gained attention in the United States from the growing faction of the Straight Edge and Animal Liberation oriented hardcore scene, influencing notable bands like <strong>Earth Crisis</strong> with Statement’s particular brand of crossover metal / thrash and in doing so caught the attention of Uprising Records who released Statement’s first widely available material.  The 2000s saw Statement releasing split recordings with various bands on a myriad of labels leading to the establishment of Rat’s own label Bloodless Records whose releases will be available in the US through Nothing But A Nightmare.