Limnus hails from the East Bay in Northern California, an area infamous for spawning some of the biggest names in Punk, Gothic, and Industrial music. Forming in 2009 after meeting at a show at the notorious 924 Gilman Street venue, founding members Jay Blanch, whose persona and voice strikes somewhere between Rozz Williams and Davey Havok, and Jared Warren who has lent his musicianship to such notable bands as Red Handed (Rivalry Records) and Psyclon Nine (Metropolis Records) set out to create a new project that fused gothic ambiance with energetic hardcore. After several months writing they recorded and self released their first offering simply titled “the Nether ep.” The following years they spent cultivating a following among the darker dregs of the West Coast’s underground, and finally returning to headline the Gilman for the release of the video and single “Bloodchains.” Now on their newest release “The Forbidden” Limnus has broadened the scope of their eclectic cohesion of dark elements from the soft piano driven interludes to the pounding industrial adornment and at the heart of it all, the gothic punk infusion that makes up the foundation of Limnus’ signature sound. Overseen by Scott Llamas, who has shaped the sound of such bands as Tsunami Bomb, Love Equals Death, and Nothington, “The Forbidden” takes a more aphotic twist than most of his previous projects and allowed him to draw upon untapped facets of his veteran craft.